lauantai 29. toukokuuta 2010


A couple of weeks ago me and my friends decided to go and have a sushi dinner at Yasukon keittiö (Yasuko's Kitchen), a very nice japanese restaurant at the heart of Turku.

It was pouring rain, when I was looking for the place, and of course I stepped right into a deep pool of water. My feet were absolutely soaked!

Fortunately it was a warm day, with +23 celcius degrees, so I didn't catch a cold. My annoyance didn't las long though, because the food was absolutely delicious. The sushi plate was of a great size, and a miso-soup and a cup of green tea were also included on the price. There were three different kind of fish in the sushi rolls and vegetables like cucumber, carrot and pea sprouts.

My friend had noodle soup and a rice cake, which was a good dish too. I'll definetly go there another time!

How to get there:
Yasukon keittiö
Yliopistonkatu 26 C, 20100 Turku

mon - wed klo 11 - 18
thu - fri klo 11 - 20
sat klo 12 - 18

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